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Who are the Belgo Sapiens Brewers?

We are 4 partner investors. A passionate, creative and accomplished team of Brewers, Master Brewers and Engineers. We have a combined experience of over 25 years of brewing across the globe and have travelled the world to learn from a diversity of brewing cultures. Fiercely proud of our Belgian roots we aim to use the strength of our heritage to create beers which will delight beer lovers on an international scale.

We have been passionate about beer since 2014, welcome to our world!

« Quality - Sharing - Creativity »


The Brewery wants to offer beers of quality and character destined to travel the world. Each moment deserves a type of beer and each beer will be the best at such or such moment. No unique style, but a pleasure to share.


We are proud of our Belgian brewing heritage. Based on a local and regional anchorage, but definitely turned towards an international development.

A technological brewing tool giving free rein to all opportunities in the creation of beers with character and style.

A packaging that is part of the success of the brewery's revival: the metal can. It is a lighter and more recyclable packaging than glass. The speed of cooling of the beer in a can is much faster. It is also safer to carry and use at the beach, at summer festivals and at sports events. The can is no longer a low cost beer container.

But we don't forget the essentials: the 330 ml bottle, the 750 ml bottle and the kegs. Our beers will be available in these other formats. Renewal and tradition are not incompatible.

The latest news


The European Union and Wallonia are investing in your region.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe is investing in rural areas. Creation of a craft brewery and investment in equipment. The Brasserie Belgo Sapiens Brewers - Brasserie Ceres Belgique SPRL thanks the European Union and the Walloon Region.

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