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Inspired by the local press, and an indecent confinement, we have created some beers aged in oak barrels. These barrels come from the Domaine Viticole de la Ferme du Chapitre and were used to mature their red wines.

The result of mixing and blending, these « Limited Editions » bring complex flavors and aromas thanks to their aging in oak barrels.

The names of our future barrel-aged will be the following:

- El Losse = The joker :  an intense brown (Winter, Ptit Granit and Colonel Arch) : 6,2% alc.

- L’Trinchet = The Sharp : historically brewed in our regions and well known in Hainaut, the Saison type beer was intended for the workers of the Fields. This extremely dry saison type of beer quenches thirst. A 100% Saison : 7.2% alc.


- Inradgî = Enraged : beer resulting from a mixture of 3 beers, its amber color. A Saison, Solarius, Cheval Godet Double : 8,2% alc.

3 beers cut and blended which matured more than 6 months in barrels to bring out aromas of plums and spicy notes.

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