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Belgo-Sapiens box.


Discover the Belgo Sapiens range composed of 4 beers: the P'tit Granit, the Colonel Arch, the Blanche de Thines and the Polarius. This box includes 4 cans and 4 bottles as well as 2 tasting glasses.

Solarius box.


Discover 3x2 bottles of each year and 2 exclusive Cheval Godet tasting glasses.

In 2018, the “Domaine viticole de la Ferme du Chapitre” and the Belgo Sapiens Brewers, both located on the Nivelles entity, have joined forces to produce a different, aromatic and fruity beer.

Grape juice from the Solaris grape variety (33% fermented sugar) was added to the brew to create the 1st Solarius beer of the Cheval Godet range. Since then, we repeat this collaboration every year with pleasure and passion. For this box, we offer you a vertical tasting to enjoy the evolution of the aromas over time, and compare the different grape varieties used.

  • 2018 : Grape variety Solaris

  • 2019 : Grape variety Johanniter 

  • 2020 : Muscat grape variety

Cheval Godet box.


Discover our range of Cheval Godet: Double, Triple, Quadruple (Winter) and Solarius accompanied by an exclusive Cheval Godet tasting glass.

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