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Our story begins in 2011 when Damien Demunter, the manager of the brewery, and a friend and now partner, Mathieu Lainé, discuss together their wish to have their own brewery. Few years later, in 2014, the business plan is validated and the application to the banks begins. In October 2014, the location of the future brewery is defined: it will be in Nivelles!

Why this town? For its geographical position but also because Nivelles had no brewery since 1957 and for the important local folklore that the Aclote commune knows.


In December 2014, the SPRL is created. The brewery will bear the name "Brasserie Ceres Belgique SPRL" but we have directly chosen the brand “ Belgo Sapiens Brewers ".

In April 2015, work starts on the brewery, followed by the arrival of the brewing equipment and packaging. 

On 27 August 2015, the first brew is made and the first beers will be commercialized in September 2015. 

Today, we offer 2 ranges of beers each composed of 4 different beers:

  • Our range "Belgo Sapiens" : composed of the Polarius, a good tasty and bitter lager, the Colonel Arch, a US style amber, the P'tit Granit, a brown porter and the Blanche de Thines, a dry white (unsweetened), refreshing and different from the commercial standards. 

  • Our second range "Cheval Godet", arrived in 2017 for the 2 years of the brewery, is inspired by a tradition dating from the 17th century. The range is composed of 4 beers of Belgian inspiration style but crafted in the Belgo Sapiens way: the Double, an amber, the Triple, a golden blonde, the Quadruple, a strong brown with Belgian hops and the Solarius, a blonde fermented with 33% white grape juice.

All these beers, in addition to be available in 33cl and 75cl bottles and in 20L and 30L barrels, are also offered in aluminum cans! This modern, lighter and most of all recyclable packaging is part of sustainable development and is no longer considered as a low-cost beer container, but has become the symbol of a certain brewing renewal.

Our mission.

« Give the customer the desire to have pleasure and the pleasure in desire ». 

Every occasion deserves a particular beer and each beer shines at a particular moment. No one style, rather pleasure to share.

Our values.

Our values are quality, sharing and creativity.

We are proud of our Belgian brewing heritage! We want to offer beers of quality and character, made from pure and noble products, destined to travel the world!

Why choose cans over bottles? 


I lived in Canada for 3 years before launching my brewery project and I also traveled a lot in the USA. There are well-known reasons in the USA that arrive in Europe, such as the ban on glass on beaches, sporting events, concerts… This is why investing in cans in my brewery seemed important to me ”- Damien DEMUNTER  


Several positive aspects that the can brings are significant:  


In terms of weight: take 4 cans of 50cl. You carry 2 kg and you have 2 liters of beers. If you carry 4 of our 330ml bottles you also carry 2kg BUT you have 1.32 liters of beers. This point is not negligible when we talk about a full truck (diesel consumption impact - CO2)! Another point to note is that the can takes up less space than the bottle and the space on a pallet is therefore optimized.


In terms of recycling: the aluminum recycling industry uses less energy than the glass recycling industry. Today 1 can = 1 can. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly which means that its quality will never be reduced.

Yes, the short cycle of the washed bottle cannot be neglected, but for this it is necessary that the bottle washers are at the top of the technology to be as energy efficient as possible and that they do not consume too much soda spilled in the sewers.

Do not forget to consider the energy used and the CO2 impact to repatriate the bottle.  


At the aesthetic level:  the cans offer the possibility of decorating them in 360 °, which is not possible on bottles!

Also, unlike bottles, they are completely opaque! The advantage?  The beer being very fragile to light, this preserves it better against oxidation. It is nonsense to put a beer in a transparent glass.



Don't like cans because you're afraid your beer will taste like metal?

No risk !


I am very sensitive to taste and smells. Nothing more unpleasant than a can that has been lying around in a smoky place. By drinking from a can, in fact, we will taste this smoke. But by drinking from a glass, this taste will be gone! "- Damien DEMUNTER

It has been shown today that the liner inside the can does not impart taste to the product!

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